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The World At Night By: Alan Furst (Night Soldiers Series #4)

The World At Night By: Alan Furst (Night Soldiers Series #4)

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“First-rate research collaborates with first-rate imagination. . . . Superb.”—The Boston Globe

Paris, 1940. The civilized, upper-class life of film producer Jean Casson is derailed by the German occupation of Paris, but Casson learns that with enough money, compromise, and connections, one need not deny oneself the pleasures of Parisian life. Somewhere inside Casson, though, is a stubborn romantic streak. When he’s offered the chance to take part in an operation of the British secret service, this idealism gives him the courage to say yes. A simple mission, but it goes wrong, and Casson realizes he must gamble everything—his career, the woman he loves, life itself. Here is a brilliant re-creation of France—its spirit in the moment of defeat, its valor in the moment of rebirth.

Goodreads: 4.05

Paperback, 2012

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