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The Visionary by Don Passman

The Visionary by Don Passman

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Lisa Cleary is a beautiful young businesswoman who wants nothing more than to rise to the top of the prestigious accounting firm where she works. Desperate to stop the uncontrollable hallucinations that threaten to take over her life, she seeks treatment from Dr. Michael Rennick, a psychiatrist-lawyer on the faculty of UCLA. Meanwhile, departmental rivals have saddled LAPD Detective Danny Talon with a case they're sure will end his career. A violent serial killer has committed three murders, and the mayor is publicly demanding an immediate arrest. Talon has no suspects, and the killer hasn't left a single clue. With more victims at stake, and his job in peril, Talon seeks Rennick's help to develop a forensic profile. But Professor Rennick, fighting private crises, refuses to work on Talon's case and won't take on a new patient - until Lisa tells him of her psychic experiences. And her visions.

Goodreads: 3.54

Paperback, 2000

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