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The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh (Web #1)

The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh (Web #1)

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Dominic Raine, Edmund’s younger brother, has arranged for two of his friends to “kidnap” his headstrong twin sister when he believes she is about to elope with a rogue. However, the friends bungle the job and kidnap the wrong woman. And so Alexandra Purnell, a young lady brought up in a strictly moral and religious household, finds herself gagged and tied to a bedpost in the Earl of Amberley’s house for the whole of one night until he finds her there early the next morning. Both he and Dominic are prepared to do the honorable thing, and both offer her marriage. But Alexandra, although she is bullied into betrothing herself to the earl, is about to show some spunk for the first time in her life. There may be an engagement, but she is determined there will never be a marriage.

Goodreads: 3.60

Paperback, 2006

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