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The Cain Conspiracy by Johannes Mario Simmel

The Cain Conspiracy by Johannes Mario Simmel

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BERLIN...where in the hell of war two brothers made a devil's pact - and thirty years later were faced with their infernal legacy. PARIS...where a breathtakingly lovely girl in flight from a prison of perversion found haven in the arms of a handsome and possibly treacherous stranger. CAIRO...where a hired killer moved through the night on a mission that threatened to set in motion a whirlpool of destruction sweeping over the entire world. FRANKFURT...where a notorious nightclub catered to the most indecent tastes - while its owner watched through a two-way mirror for his pleasure, profit and power. A novel of sex, violence, and evil that you will never forget - even if you try.

Goodreads: 4.03

Paperback, 1976

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