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Temptress By: Lisa Jackson (Medieval Series #2)

Temptress By: Lisa Jackson (Medieval Series #2)

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Impostress comes a thrilling medieval novel filled with as much steamy passion as sizzling suspense…

Dark and deadly, a mysterious man stalks the halls of Castle Calon, staying forever hidden. He calls himself the Redeemer. And no one has seen his face. Not even Morwenna, Lady of the keep.

A bloodied warrior is brought to the castle. He is battered, nearly unrecognizable. And yet Morwenna sees that he resembles Carrick of Wybren, a man who not so long ago stole her virginity and broke her heart. Is he friend or foe? Lover or enemy? Can she trust him—or will he only bring terror and death to her keep?

As the days pass and the unknown soldier revives, Morwenna senses that, together, they will face a new peril. For the Redeemer is moving now, evermore steadily—and in his wake he brings with him destiny, desire and death.

Goodreads: 3.54

Paperback, 2005

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