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Some Like it Cold By: William Povletich

Some Like it Cold By: William Povletich

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Some Like It Cold chronicles the true story of twin brothers Lee and Larry Williams, whose love of surfing evolved in the most unlikely of geographies: off the shores of Lake Michigan. From their boyhood home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the brothers trekked to the local beach with their longboards and their dreams to master the waves at spots like the Elbow and the Cove. The next six decades proved that their zeal for catching grinders and barrels was much more than a hobby.

Surfing in the cold has its challenges, and Lee and Larry recall stories of freak storms, ice-encrusted beaches, and near drownings, along with the usual hypothermia, helped but not cured by their customized cold-water wetsuits. Despite living nearly 2,000 miles from either coast, Lee and Larry have made a lifestyle out of freshwater surfing, recreating their hometown as "The Malibu of the Midwest” and gaining international fame as the hosts of the Dairyland Surf Classic.

With humor and wit, author William Povletich brings their tale of revolutionizing surf culture to the page.

Goodreads: 3.94

Paperback, 2016

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