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O'Keeffe (Perfect Squares) by Grange Books

O'Keeffe (Perfect Squares) by Grange Books

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"I see no reason for painting anything that can be put into any other form as well." - Georgia O'Keeffe, 1930

O' Keeffe's art refers to things and events that have caused her to create. These necessities obliged her to make art, as she tried to portray sensations, ideas, and situations that for her could be expressed no other way.

Rarely a strict narrative, her art allows us to remember things she had seen, experienced, or sensed, images grounded in authenticity. She consciously nurtured her memories of events, giving them new life as art.

A must-have book for art lovers and particularly fans of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Goodreads: 2.5

Hardback edition, 2005

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