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Mind Slaver By: P.M. Griffin (Star Commandos Series #5)

Mind Slaver By: P.M. Griffin (Star Commandos Series #5)

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A frozen planet.
An enslaved people.
An elite commando squad controls the destiny of a solar system . . .

The immortal space saga of the STAR COMMANDOS continues. In the fifth volume of this compelling and endearing adventure series, the STAR COMMANDOS face their greatest challenge yet. Ships have been disappearing in Quandon Sector, and the Commandos identify the planet Omrai as the possible site of the problem. They planet secretly and nearly fall victim to the world's cold and formidable wildlife before making contact with a local man, who tells them of a large ship that wrecked there years before, and the strange disease that fells those they enslave. Colonel Connor investigates and is surprised to discover that the ship is the battlecraft of their great former foe, and its captives mysteriously die when they attempt to break free of a form of mind control. She further learns that vessels across the Sector are being captured, brought to the planet, and stripped to reoutfit the marooned battleship, which is nearly ready to lift and return to a War that its crew cannot possibly know has already ended. To succeed, the Star Commandos must stop the "Mind Slaver."

Goodreads: 4.25

Paperback, 1990

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