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Keller's Outdoor Survival Guide by William Keller

Keller's Outdoor Survival Guide by William Keller

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Today, more people are venturing into the wilderness-rock climbers, mountain bikers, hikers, campers, kayakers, cross country skiers, and hunters are all at risk of injury, getting lost, or facing inclement weather. At the same time, humans are rapidly losing basic survival skills, becoming more dependent on technology and modern conveniences. In this book, William Keller, a certified Emergency Medical Technician who has worked as a Search and Rescue officer for 20 years in the Rocky Mountains, compiles his extensive experience and training into 25 chapters of emergency and basic survival skills information that all outdoorspeople should know before they venture into the wilderness again. Using true stories to illustrate his advice, Keller addresses finding safe drinking water, using a map and compass, determining direction by the stars, building a fire in windy or wet conditions, drying clothing once it is wet, recognizing the signs of hypothermia in oneself and others, warming oneself or others suffering from hypothermia, determining what is edible in the wild, surviving in a vehicle, selecting shelter, and much more. This book helps readers put the trust back in themselves rather than their cell phones or Global Positioning Systems by making them aware of their creativity and resourcefulness. Keller's advice on learning basic survival skills will greatly increase a person's ability to survive when an outdoor excursion turns into a battle for life.

Goodreads Stars: 4.20

Paperback, 2001

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