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Half a Million Muskie-Catching Fishing Facts By: George W. Sandell

Half a Million Muskie-Catching Fishing Facts By: George W. Sandell

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The Greatest Treasury 0f Muskie Fishing Information Ever Published ! So you've never caught a muskic. Well, you are among friends. After all, the muskie is often referred to as "the fish of 10,000 casts". But the members of Muskies, Inc. have caught the muskic in large numbers, and dutifully reported all of the key details of every catch. Well over 60,000 of them You will find all the critical facts of their twenty-four years of casting, trolling..and catching...right in this unique book. Catches from over 1,000 lakes in 19 states and two Provinces of Canada, On what kind of bait, and at what time of day. Encouraged by the increasing stocking of muskies in waters near their homes, the number of anglers searching for them increases every year. Over 100 members of Muskies, Inc. have boated and released 100 or more of these cantankerous fish, and join others of their group in sharing with you whatever secrets there are to their success. In the photo above, Dr. Dean Rosset releases a 40-inch catch made by his wife, Leah, both of whom are members of the select "100-plus catches" group. Read and enjoy...and catch

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Paperback, 1994

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