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Death Planet By: P. M. Griffin (Star Commandos Series #4)

Death Planet By: P. M. Griffin (Star Commandos Series #4)

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The immortal space saga of the STAR COMMANDOS continues. In the fourth volume of this compelling and endearing adventure series, the STAR COMMANDOS journey to Mirelle of Eri, the dreaded Death Planet to foil the conspiracy of a rogue pirate fleet. Yet the greatest danger isn't the pirates and their weaponry, but rather the plague of deadly fungus lying dormant in the caves of the watery planet, waiting for prey to consume with its flesh-eating spores. "The most suspenseful and nail-biting episode of the STAR COMMANDOS to date. Once you start it, you can't put it down! Absolutely electrifying!" Robert E. Gelinas Author, The Mustard Seed For the War Prince Varn Tarl Sogan, the Death Planet is his greatest test-to return to the place where he witnessed fi rst-hand the savage carnage of the fungus, and where many of the ships he formerly commanded still lie, only to be cannibalized and appropriated by space pirates, who themselves are unaware of the spores of death with which they might infect the ultrasystem if any are allowed to leave Mirelle of Eri alive.

Goodreads: 4.24

Paperback, 1989

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