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Days of Infamy By: Michael Coffey

Days of Infamy By: Michael Coffey

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History buffs will covet this fascinating look behind more than fifty of the most historic military blunders of our century. Lively and engaging, in-depth and informative, this companion to an upcoming series on the History Channel goes beyond mere footage to delve into the facts of some well-remembered but little understood incidents and accidents of modern military history.From basic errors of human judgment to massive miscalculations involving men, machines, and seemingly unrelated events, here are inside stories of bravery and misplaced bravado that take readers from the turn of the century through two world wars, the Cold War, and the strife in the Middle East, including:
-- How the London Blitz really started
-- Hitler's blunder at Stalingrad
-- The failure of Japanese secret weapons
-- How we barely escaped nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis

Offering a unique look back on our century's failures and successes at war, on land and at sea, Days of Infamy will win a permanent place in every bookseller's history section, and on every history fan's shelf.

Goodreads: 3.22

Hardcover, 1999

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