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A Heart Speaks By: LaVyrle Spencer

A Heart Speaks By: LaVyrle Spencer

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Two of New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer’s favorite novels—Forsaking All Others and A Promise to Cherish—together in one unforgettable volume.


As an up-and-coming photographer, Allison Scott has neither the time nor the inclination for an affair—especially since her last attempt at love with a handsome model shattered her dreams of rising to the top with a partner by her side. But Rick Lang can see through Allison’s aloofness to the aching heart beneath. And while it’s clear that Allison isn’t about to let the model in without a fight, Rick knows that he’s the right man to be trusted with the gift of her love…


Lee Walker is on a mission: to prove to everyone, and to herself, that she can make it working in the masculine world of the construction industry. When contracting rival Sam Brown offers her a job, Lee is stunned and a little wary. Sam sees her as the woman she’s always hoped to be—smart, capable, warm, funny and sexy. Before she knows it, Lee is falling head over heels for her boss. But part of her is sure that telling Sam about her past would have him backing away…

Goodreads: 3.87

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