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A Dog's Journey By: W. Bruce Cameron (A Dog's Purpose Series #2)

A Dog's Journey By: W. Bruce Cameron (A Dog's Purpose Series #2)

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This novel, told from a dog’s perspective, has the highest reader-ranking of any recent New York Times Bestseller.

This is the highly anticipated sequel to A Dog’s Purpose. A Dog’s Journey picks up right where A Dog’s Purpose left off—with Buddy, an aging Labrador, pondering his life and concluding he’s a good dog. He has done many important thing through his multiple lives, and in the end he feels he has fulfilled his purpose. When he passes, there is no reason for him to be reborn.

And yet…

There’s this little girl. Her name is Clarity June Mahoney, and she is always in trouble. Buddy feels that without a dog, Clarity will be lost in the world.

And Buddy may be right: Clarity will, as we will come to see, make a lot of bad choices in her life. She really does need a dog by her side to guide her on her journey through life.

And that dog, as it will turn out, is Buddy.

Many people have read the books in reverse order, that is, starting with A Dog’s Journey and then reading A Dog’s Purpose. In September 2012, named A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey the # 1 and # 2 best dog books of all time. Regardless of which order you may read them in, you’ll not be disappointed with A Dog’s Journey.

Goodreads: 4.40

Paperback, 2017

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