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Sister Time By: John Ringo and Julie Cochrane

Sister Time By: John Ringo and Julie Cochrane

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The power to read hidden thoughts. The power to bend the will against its very essence. There's only one thing you can call it: mind rape. Now an Indowy renegade seeks to use the technology to destroy a powerful human mentat—and to bring down galactic civilization in the process. Master thief and assassin Cally O'Neal faces her most difficult and grittiest ordeal yet. For to steal a mind-control device, she must find a way to mask the burning drive within that allows her to succeed where all others fail. And, as if the stakes weren't high enough already—the mentat with the death sentence on her head is none other than Cally's long-lost sister!

Multiple New York Times best-selling John Ringo's "Posleen War" saga continues as beautiful assassin Cally O'Neil returns in a gripping interplanetary thriller co-authored by John Ringo and best-selling Cally's War collaborator, Julie Cochrane.

Goodreads: 3.82

Hardcover, 2007

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