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Saxon England By: G.A. Embleton and D.R. Banting

Saxon England By: G.A. Embleton and D.R. Banting

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The years following the withdrawal of the Roman Legions from Britain are known as the Dark Ages. This is something of a misnomer because many of the institutions and traditions which today are said to be typically English were given birth and nurtured in those six hundred years of change and development between the invasion of the Angles, Saxons, and  and Jutes, and William of Normand's conquest in1066. After the initial aggression by the Saxons, there was a prolonged period of comparatively peaceful immigration by whole families seeking a better life. This was interrupted by the raids of the Vikings.

Saxon England covers the historical, social and religious background of this fascinating era when the Saxons and later the Vikings were so powerful.

Their system of laws, government and administration is explained, as is the increasing communication and unity between the Church and State. Integrated with the text are many black-and-white and color illustrations which greatly enhance the story of Saxon England.

Goodreads: NA

Paperback, 1975

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