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Book of Nightmares By: Bruce Coville

Book of Nightmares By: Bruce Coville

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It’s just a dream… or is it?

Have you ever had a terrifying dream? Woken up in a cold sweat wondering if that horrible thing really happened? Well, get ready to sweat some more—this book will take you through thirteen spine-chilling and unexplainable adventures that can only be called… NIGHTMARES!

This is Bruce Coville’s fourth collection of scary stories. If you’ve dared yourself to read his Book of Monsters, Book of Aliens, and Book of Ghosts, it’s time to face the next fright-filled frontier.

Who knows what might happen? You could be drawn into a mirror, or possessed by a strange puppet, or trapped in the world of the dead—never to return again! So, read with caution and turn the pages very, very carefully!

 Grades 4 - 6

Goodreads: 3.89

Paperback, 1995

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