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Wolfwalker By: Tara K. Harper (Wolfwalker Series #1)

Wolfwalker By: Tara K. Harper (Wolfwalker Series #1)

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Dion was a healer and a wolfwalker, and the unique telepathic bond that she shared with the wolf Gray Hishn sometimes seemed to amplify her sensitivity to her patients. But she never guessed how strong that bond could be, or what kind of power it could wield, until she found herself lost in the wilderness, with angry slavers at her heels and war on the horizon. Suddenly she and her fellow travelers were fighting for their lives in the snowy winter wastes, where the wolves were their only guides, the greatest secret of the ancients their only salvation . . . and Dion their only hope to survive.

Goodreads: 3.99

Paperback, 1990

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