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Twilight For Taurus by Miriam Lynch (Zodiac Gothic Series)

Twilight For Taurus by Miriam Lynch (Zodiac Gothic Series)

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Emily Blanchard was a true daughter of Taurus. She was determined, curious, and, ever since childhood, had longed to live in elegance. So it was no wonder she was fascinated by Starvieew, the Victorian mansion in her home town, and delighted when its wealthy owner Jason Bartholomew invited her to stay and encouraged her interest in his home.

But Emily was not Jason's only guest. A group of Jason's childhood friends were also present -- for an ominous reunion that first mystified Emily. Her deepening curiosity drew her closer and closer to Jason Bartholomew's dark secret -- and a night of horror that threatened her sanity and life!

A Zodiac Gothic Novel

Goodreads Stars: 2.67

Paperback, 1976

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