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Trophy Muskie Techniques By: Jerry Sobiek

Trophy Muskie Techniques By: Jerry Sobiek

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From the introduction:

I would like to share what I have learned about boating muskies in hopes you can put these things to use and improve your muskie fishing. Although I have fished many lakes, North Twin remains my favorite. For those who may not be familiar with this lake, it is located in Vilas County, Wisconsin, the town of Phelps being on its north end. A large number of muskie fishermen have heard of North Twin because it is well-known for its above-average muskies. Many muskie fishermen would like to fish the trophy waters of North Twin, but have no idea where to start. Many fishermen simply stay away from the lake because it is difficult to learn and this is too bad. They are passing up a great opportunity for a real trophy.

Goodreads: NA

Paperback, 1991

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