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Three Wishes By: Barbara Delinsky

Three Wishes By: Barbara Delinsky

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Waitress Bree Miller thinks she is content with her tranquil, solitary existence in picturesque Panama, Vermont, until she is struck one snowy night by a skidding Jeep. Waking in her hospital bed, she recalls the comfort of a bright light and imagines that the God-like being that returned her from death has offered her the gift of three wishes.

As she recovers, Bree is no longer alone; beside her is Tom Gates, the driver of the Jeep. A successful lawyer-turned-bestselling novelist, Tom fled the New York glamour world to reconnect with his own lost soul. Together, Bree and Tom experience a love like no other, compelling Bree to use her wishes to search for the mother who left her, to reunite Tom with his estranged family, and to start a family of her own.

Through it all, Bree is never quite sure that the wishes are real. Did the first two wishes actually come true, and if so – if she makes a third wish – will she die?

Goodreads: 3.84

Paperback, 1998

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