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The Magickers by Emily Drake (The Magickers Series #1)

The Magickers by Emily Drake (The Magickers Series #1)

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For the millions of readers, young and old, who made Harry Potter a best-selling phenomenon...comes this dazzling debut fantasy that speaks to the magick in us all....A long time ago, two great sorcerers fought a duel to determine the fate of the world -- a battle that split the very Tapestry of Time. Magic itself was ripped from our world, and its practitioners were trapped in a spell of sleep. The realm of Magicks, however, still exists on the far side of a mysterious region known as the Borderlands. Whoever controls the four gates of the Borderlands controls both worlds.

Now the Magickers and the minions of the Dark Hand have begun to awaken. And for the Magickers there is only one way to survive the coming conflict:

Recruit a new generation of Magickers...

Train them to use their talents...

Find the gateways before the Dark Hand does...

Goodreads: 3.56

Former library book

Missing dust jacket

Tear on blank first page

Grade level: 4 - 6

Hardcover, 2001

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