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Sleeping Beauty By: Phillip Margolin

Sleeping Beauty By: Phillip Margolin

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Ashley Spencer’s life is shattered when a killer enters her home one night, brutally stabs her father to death, and rapes and murders her best friend. In an attempt to help her regain some stability, her mother enrolls Ashley in the prestigious Oregon Academy.

Ashley’s mother seeks diversion by taking a creative writing class from former best-selling author Joshua Maxfield, who startles her by reading a chapter from a work in progress that mirrors the murder of her husband. The twists and turns of the plot keep the suspense ratcheted up to an excruciating level. Using the law and an insider’s knowledge of the writer’s life, Margolin has created another sure winner. His first novel, Gone but Not Forgotten, has long been one of the hallmark novels dealing with serial killers and their’ motivation. In this work, Margolin has brought new life to that subgenre. ‘This is for jaded readers who believe that there is nothing new and fresh in the mystery field.

Goodreads: 3.93

Paperback, 2005

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