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See Charlie Run By: Brian Freemantle (Charlie Muffin Series #7)

See Charlie Run By: Brian Freemantle (Charlie Muffin Series #7)

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“If Brian Freemantle isn’t the best writer of spy novels around, he’s certainly, along with John le Carré, in the top two” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).
Charlie Muffin was once the toughest agent in British intelligence. He wasn’t strong, fast, or charming, but he knew how to survive. When his agency branded him a traitor, he eluded their pursuit for years. After eventually proving his innocence, he’s invited back into The Firm. But only just. Consigned to a monotonous desk job, it takes months for Charlie to get a real assignment. A KGB agent in Tokyo wants to defect to the other side. Charlie’s role is to bring him across. But as Charlie has learned from all those evasive years, there’s never anything simple or safe about running away.

Goodreads: 4.20

Paperback, 1989

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