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Memories by Fr. Arnak Kasparian

Memories by Fr. Arnak Kasparian

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First page:

Haigaz Krikorian, my friend from Jerusalem Seminary, while visiting me, read my diary about my days in the Seminary and wanted to publish it. I gave him a copy of my diary and he sent a copy to the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Torkom Manoogian. The Patriarch selected one entry and printed it in their official publication, Sion. This article was entitled "From the Diary of a Seminarian," which was the story of a Christmas in Bethlehem. (It was written on January 20, 1940 when I was 18 years old and printed in Sion, January 1996 issue) Haigaz has translated that section of the Diary into English and it is printed in this book.

Fr. Garen Gdanian, who has a publishing fund, offered to publish and distribute my Diary and encouraged me to work on it.
Antranig Poladian, after reading the Diary, suggested that I include some pictures.
Dr. Hagop Nersoyan read before publication and made his comments.
Armen Garabedian, volunteered to layout the book and to help with its design.
My own son in law, Robert Waldron, became the production coordinator.
I thank all of these friends for their encouragement and assistance.
Recently, when I was at Columbia Presbiytarian (July 2001) Hospital for major surgery, I was thinking that I was almost 80 years old, I have eight wonderful grandchildren, but they know very little about their grandfather, as I know very little about my grandparents. After thinking this over, I decided it would be the right time to put
some memories and thoughts on paper.

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Written in both English and Hebrew 



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