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Colony in Peril By: P.M. Griffin

Colony in Peril By: P.M. Griffin

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The immortal space saga of the STAR COMMANDOS continues. Come along with Commando-Colonel Islaen Connor and War Prince Varn Tarl Sogan to Jade of Kuan Yin, a fertile land overflowing with flora, fauna, and a precious secret that threatens the lives of every new colonist on the planet. The key to saving the colony from ruthless space pirates lies in one of Jade's native creatures.a Gurry, named Bandit. "Excellent SF Adventure!" Andre Norton In STAR COMMANDOS 02 COLONY IN PERIL, P. M. Griffin has again proven to be the shining star in her genre. This is a fast moving, fast action, ingenious and sometimes humorous plot filled with warmth that will drive you to the last page at a faster rate than a runaway locomotive-and will leave you looking for more. Thank goodness it's part of a series, promising more of the same great writing in the future. Dana Reed Author, Unholy Alliance & The Fifth Deadly Sin "With the addition of lovable Bandit, STAR COMMANDOS 02 is a non-stop adventure in which man and beast join forces to tri-umph over evil!" Virginia G. McMorrow Author, Mage Confusion & Mage Resolution STAR COMMANDOS 02 COLONY IN PERIL is the second episode in the legendary twelve volume collectible series, spanning a saga of War, treachery, adventure, bravery, loyalty, friendship, cunning, inge-nuity and heroics for the brave team of Star Commandos assembled under Col. Connor's command.

Goodreads: 4.16

Paperback, 1987

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