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Area 51: The Sphinx By: Robert Doherty (Area 51 Series #4)

Area 51: The Sphinx By: Robert Doherty (Area 51 Series #4)

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Are there aliens among us?

Have the highest echelons of power already been breached?

The U.S. government knows--but they're not telling....

For thousands of years it has harbored mankind's greatest secret. Now someone or something has found the key to...The Sphinx.

No place is safe from alien infiltration. Not even top secret Area 51. Scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte know that better than anyone. Secrets have been revealed. Codes have been broken. A countdown has begun. Using alien technology, a group has gained control of a Star Wars satellite that could engulf the planet in a nuclear fire. With no room for error, Turcotte and Duncan must race to solve an ancient riddle and prevent a global catastrophe.

Joined by a secret band of renegades, Mike and Lisa must travel to Egypt in a frantic search for answers. There they make a startling discovery: the key to the mysterious Ark of the Covenant, a true record of mankind's origins. But the artifact is hidden deep within the inner sanctum of the Great Sphinx of Giza. And Lisa and Mike are not alone in their quest. An anthropologist is one step ahead of them, and aliens close behind, as hunters and hunted race to uncover the secret of the Sphinx. Even if it means Armageddon...

Goodreads: 3.99

Paperback, 2000

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