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Amazing Space By: Neil Morris

Amazing Space By: Neil Morris

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Explore the world through amazing photographic images that move and change! Discover how the universe began about 13 billion years ago! In Amazing Space children can explore hundreds of stars on a clear night with their bare eyes. Stunning photographs and special hands-on features, such as pull tabs and turning wheels, will transport them from the page and out of this world! Children will have fun exploring space! Features: - Stunning photographic images - Hands-on mechanical elements throughout - Amazing facts, glossary, and index Children can turn, flip, and touch the hands-on features, in this one of a kind series, to learn about the Earth, space, the sun, and the weather! Simple, straightforward explanations and hands-on images are a winning combination to help children learn important science concepts.

Goodreads: NA

Hardcover, 2007

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