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Hello! I’m Erin, one half of the Story Keeper Books crew, wife, mother, & corporate bad ass...but I’m also a creative, coffee & crochet-obsessed, geek girl, book nerd, & lover of the strange and unusual.

Welcome to my blog, The Bookshelf. Here I will share book reviews, news from the book world, lists of books and challenges, and whatever else fills my brain. Truly, this is my creative outlet to be able to talk about books all the time to people who fully appreciate the smell of a well-read book, and who regularly consider calling into work just to finish the last few chapters - knowing full well that you’ll just pick up another “Must Read” right afterward.

2024 Reading Goals

As always, I've set some goals for the year. One thing I'm trying this year that is new is audio books! I could never focus on them before, but I'm giving it another shot.

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Great start! Looking forward to following your reading journey.


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