Book Review: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls


This book is THE book I wish 20-year-old me had on hand during the yo-yo dieting, the starving myself, the blip with bulimia, and all of the ongoing self-hatred and food-related trauma. I'm here to tell you that fatphobia is a thing. Not only do other people not want to "end up like you," but seriously, you do not want to be yourself either.

Known for her no-nonsense, straightforward tone that shocked the world with her letter to Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO calling out his sexist and fat-phobic comments, Jes Baker delivers a powerful rallying cry to women to embrace a body-positive world and to change public perceptions on body image.

Jes has an amazing way of just putting all of the negative social garbage on blast and uncovering what bullshit it is. She does it in a way that is both in your face and completely gentle and loving.

Yes it was somewhat repetitive, but overall I felt it was very supportive and very body positive.

Have you had a chance to read it? Let me know your thoughts!

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